About Us



One Hope Charity & Welfare is a registered non-profit organization.

One Hope Charity & Welfare is a registered non-profit organization and founded in 2002 and previously, it was known

as Pertubuhan Penganut Dewi Xi Wang Dian, Bukit Mertajam, Penang and was the first operation office dedicated in charity works.

Throughout these years, we had distributed an amount of RM20mil to assist the poor and needy families of all races to seek medical attentions and improving their quality of lives. They are all able to recover and regain their health all because of the donations from the kind-hearted public and business organizations. Their quality of lives has also improved gradually with the help provided.


As time goes by, One Hope Charity had improved, and the operations of charity organizations has to be changed accordingly. One Hope Charity has changed its operation method from the traditional method to organizational method. The systematic operation is to ensure that our productivity & transparency can be improved.


One Hope Charity has also established a uniform society as a mobile team to assist the poor & needy families in providing information and aids. As the beneficiaries and assistance cases increase, from medical assistance, we had added more than 10 charity activity to ensure that the assistance provided is able to help the poor.


To ensure that the operation is well established, One Hope Charity has gained recognitions from the government and also the public.


One Hope Charity provides assistances such as emergency medical assistance, assistance for the poor patients, funeral & burial assistance, blood and health screening for the poor, essential items assistance, lunch assistance, natural disaster relief, festival charity assistance, Chinese New Year gathering for the beneficiaries, SOCSO/PERKESO inquiry, shelter arrangement for the poor and unattended old folks etc.

As a non-profit organization, we need to ensure that we have an effective management. All the accounts are required to be recorded and audited by auditors and then reporting to SSM & related department.