2021 Covid-19 Relief Program

Many had been greatly affected during this pandemic and losing their job. Bring food to the table had been an issue.One Hope Charity & Welfare had initiated “Covid-19 Relief Program” in June. Besides providing food boxes to the needy families, One Hope Charity uses courier service to reach out to needy families in the outskirts.

The Covid-19 Relief Program receives positive feedbacks from the public and they wish to play their part in making the society a better place. Hence, the generous public requested One Hope Charity to initiate a fundraising program specially for this fund.

One Hope Charity hereby initiate “Covid-19 Relief Program” fundraising to provide aid to families who had been greatly affected by the pandemic. With your contribution, we believe that we can help the needy families to go through this tough period of time.

Making every moment perfect for charity! Your every contribution will bring one hope to every needy individual.

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* Minimum of RM50 for Tax Exemption Receipt

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