Delivering Warmth To The Needy During Chinese New Year


Dear Generous Donors,

While everybody is occupied in the preparation of Chinese New Year, certain families are struggling under the effect of Covid-19 outbreak. They are all worried about their daily meals and some of them are in extreme poverty. Some of them do not even dare to think about their Chinese New Year special meals.

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, One Hope Charity & Welfare used to organize a special reunion dinner for the beneficiaries and needy families. Since the outbreak, we are unable to host a reunion dinner but this does not stop us from delivering warmth to the needy. One Hope Charity’s team had been delivering Chinese New Year’s “Pen Cai” last year to the needy to ensure that they can enjoy a good meal in this special day. This year, One Hope Charity will arrange 250 sets of “Pen Cai” together with Chinese New Year canned food, festival cookies and essential foods to the needy Chinese New Year Eve. Each pack of gifts sums up to RM388 and will be delivered to 250 needy families.

This may be a simple Chinese New Year gift but towards some old folks, children, and low-income families, they may have not tasted such food for a long time.

The needy families require more attention and care during this Chinese New Year which is under the influence of the Outbreak. We hope that the generous donors can lend a helping hand to send warmth and a ray of hope to them. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese Near Year.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations