Medical Assistance – 2022 June

Death is an avoidable event in life. But sickness tend to cause suffering towards a human. Some patient requires medical equipment or aid to prolong their life and improving the quality of life.

One Hope Charity provides assistance according to needy patients’ need. It includes ventilator, oxygen machine, oxygen tank, phlegm removal machine, special mattress, hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, bed, wheelchair, walker, commode, special formulated milk powder, diapers etc.

These items may cost little but towards a low income family, these are all burdens. One Hope Charity will provide medical assistance once their cases is approved.

Minor surgeries such as cataract surgery are also covered. We usually do not run a special fundraising to accumulate donations for this category. We put the daily donations from the generous public to good use when there are cases below RM20,000. If cases requirements are above RM20,000, One Hope Charity will initiated a fundraising.

Please lend a helping hand to the needy patients and donate any amount you prefer. Thank you.