Urgent Fundraising – Johari bin Ahmad (Stroke)

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A father is like a big tree that provides care and shelter to the family. However, a loving father suddenly collapsed after suffering from a stroke. His panicked children were hoping that their little savings could save their father but unfortunately, they are still short of RM36,000. His daughters cried and pleaded for public to help and donate in order to save the life of their loved one.

65-year-old Johari bin Ahmad from Butterworth, Penang, suffered from severe headache on June 28 and collapsed out of a sudden, terrifying his daughters who were by his side then.

After he collapsed, he couldn’t even open his eyes, but he still managed to force himself to speak and asked his daughters to send him to the hospital. They called the ambulance immediately.

The doctor conducted a brain scan for him and found out that there were blood clots in his brain. He was confirmed to have suffer from a stroke, and he was treated with serum albumin.

However, the medication could not clear the blood clots in his brain. The doctor suggested to send him to the only hospital in Northern Malaysia that conducts mechanical thrombectomy, as this is the best treatment for acute ischemic stroke. If the blood clots could be removed in the golden window, the recovery rate could be as high as 60% to 100%. However, the surgical fee is RM50,000, and his daughters could only afford RM14,000. There is still a shortfall of RM36,000.

Johari sells traditional Malay medicines. According to his fourth daughter TinTian Suriani, this is a family business passed down from his grandfather, who used to produce and sold traditional Malay medicines. His father managed to earn about RM4,000 a month, depending on the sales.

Johari had two marriages, but both marriages have ended. He has seven children from the two marriages. His eldest daughter is a 40-year-old housewife, his 39-year-old son works as an odd-job worker, 37-year-old daughter is a teacher, 33-year-old daughter selling clothes online, 32-year-old son joined the air force, 28-year-old son is an odd-job worker, and his youngest daughter, who is 25, is a clerk. All of them have married and have their own families.

This is an urgent case as the patient could have high chance of recovery if he managed to undergo mechanical thrombectomy during the golden window. Therefore, One Hope Charity has been racing against time after receiving help request from Johari’s family, hoping that he could receive the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

As the father, who used to be like a big tree to the family fell ill, the children felt helpless and lost. Hence, the approached One Hope Charity for help, and we decided to help the family to raise RM36,000 to help them to overcome their problem temporarily.

Family agrees to allow One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and at the same time, accumulating the donations from the public. For enquiries, please contact our careline at 016-4192192 or 019-2322192.


GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations