Urgent Fundraising – Nor Syahida Azuah (Stroke)



The 46-year-old woman, who takes care of her family at home, experienced a sudden fatigue. She was diagnosed with a stroke after being sent to the hospital in time. Her family can only afford part of her medical expenses, and she is still short of RM30,000 in medical expenses that urgently need help from the public.

46-year-old Nor Syahida Azuah Binti Shabudin dedicated most of her time to her family. She has been living in a happy and harmonious family, and all her three children have entered universities. Unexpectedly, she felt weak in her body and her condition did not improve even after seeking medical treatment. She was admitted to Bukit Mertajam Hospital for a day and was transferred to Seberang Jaya Hospital for a detailed examination the next day. The doctor found out that there was blood clot in her cerebrovascular vessel and needed to undergo Mechanical Thrombectomy as quickly as possible.

She needs to be referred immediately to the only specialist hospital that has the technology to perform Mechanical Thrombectomy in Northern Malaysia. The surgical fee is RM50,000 but her family can only afford RM20,000. She is still short of RM30,000 to save her life.

【If a father is the breadwinner of his family then a mother will be the backbone behind her whole family】

Although Nor Syahida Azuah from Bukit Mertajam feels that she has high blood pressure and diabetes but she has been just taking the medications she bought from the pharmacies; and her condition was fine all the while.

On the night of November 7, she suddenly felt weak and fatigue. She was uncomfortable and her face was swollen. Therefore, she went to a clinic to seek medical treatment the next day, but her condition did not improve after taking the medicine. She felt ill and she could not sleep for all night.

Upon seeing this, her family immediately sent her to the outpatient department of the Bukit Mertajam Hospital for treatment. Her blood oxygen level was found to be low, and she was urgently transferred to the emergency room. She was admitted to the hospital, and examination revealed that her heart and kidney had problems and her sugar level was high. She could not be able to speak clearly too. Therefore, she was later referred to the Seberang Jaya Hospital for detailed examination, and the result showed that there was a blockage in her cerebrovascular vessel.

It is an urgent case. The patient must undergo emergency Mechanical Thrombectomy to save her life, otherwise, she might be paralysed or even lose her life. This is a race against time. A moment of delay might affect the patient’s intellectual and mobility. If a patient can undergo the surgery within the golden window, the recovery rate will be greatly improved.

Her 53-year-old husband Mohd Jusre Bin Abdul Razak is a secondary school teacher with a salary of about RM8,000. Their two children, aged 19 and 22, are still studying in universities, while their 24-year-old eldest son just graduated from the university and works at a design company. He is currently working from home, and his salary is only RM500.

The patient Nor Syahida Azuah is a good wife and mother. In her spare time, she sews curtains and decorates their house. A house without a mother will never be the same. Therefore, after receiving the case, One Hope Charity reviewed it immediately and decided to allow the patient to be transferred to the specialist hospital for her surgery as saving lives is always One Hope Charity’s top priority.

Family agrees to allow One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and at the same time, accumulating the donations from the public. For enquiries, please contact our careline at 016-4192192 or 019-2322192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations