Urgent Fundraising – Nurqisya Azzahra (PACEMAKER)



Nurqisya Azzahra Bt Ahmad Afsan, 5 years old from Penang, when she was born, the oxygen content in her body dropped sharply. After being diagnosed with complicated congenital heart disease, she was immediately sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and relied on breathing aids. Due to the critical condition, she was referred to the Paediatric Cardiology Centre for heart repair operation.

One week after the heart repair operation, the baby girl underwent the second operation to place a pacemaker. During regular follow-up visits 5 years after the operation, she was told that the pacemaker’s battery is completely drainer. This news was frightened the parents, they hope the public could help their daughter.

【The pacemaker battery is run out will gradually stop working causing critical condition. This is requiring undergo surgery within a week】

When Nurqisya Azzahra was born, oxygen content in her body was decreased, she was diagnosed with complicated Total Pulmonary Venous Return Abnormality (TAPVR) in the heart, accompanied by Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), and was operated on when she was a week old.

A week after the operation, the doctor placed a pacemaker in her heart to repair the heart defect. Since then, she has spent 5 years safely, living and having fun like normal people without any symptoms.

At the early of August this year, when she was taking a shower, her mother found her lips were purple and she didn’t notice about it. Until the regular follow-up visit on 13 August, the doctor told her that the battery is run out, and she face the risk of cardiac arrest at any time. Pacemaker battery replacement can save her life, and this cost them about RM25,000.

The parent was stunned by this sudden news because they thought the battery would last for 7 years. Unexpectedly, the battery was run out early. The doctor could only temporarily delay the battery life. The operation must be performed within a week, otherwise the heart will stop at any time.

The father, Ahmad Afsan bin Abdul Rani (37 years old), he was an outsourcing bus maintenance technician with a monthly salary of RM2,000. However, the bus company cancelled outsourcing service, the father became unemployed. After that, he works as a painter in Perak with salary RM1,500. He returns to Penang every two weeks to visit his wife and children.

The mother, Intan Shafreina Bt Mansor (37 years old), is a factory operator. She chooses to quit her job and become a housewife to take care the sick child.  They still have 2 daughters who are 12 and 10 years old.

The father's income of RM1,500 for the expenses of 5 people, and he couldn't afford to pay for the medical expenses of RM25,000. Therefore, he seeks help from One Hope Charity. After reviewing the case, One Hope Charity decided to help raising RM25,000 for her surgery. Family agrees to allow One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and at the same time, accumulating the donations from the public. For enquiries, please contact our careline at 016-4192192 or 019-2322192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations