Urgent Fundraising – Sim Chin Po (Wrist Tendons Surgery)

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"I participated in Bomba Sukarela for 4 years and had been to many disaster zones. I too experienced our teammate fell from 2 story-high building. I did not ever imagine that the accident will happen on me."

Sim Chin Poh, 21, who is from Seberang Perai Tengah Juru Bomba Sukarela injured his hand during a mission at the night of 6th July. His hands were injured by sudden cracking of glass. His wound is deep and he requires surgery soonest possible.

Sim Chin Poh is an active member of Bomba Sukarela Juru. He had been contributing for 4 years and received professional trainings.

That night, he received a case that a house is on fire. He went to rescue and unfortunately, he was injured and was sent to hospital.

【He broke the window to rescue a trapped lady but was injured due to explosion of glass】

According to the team leader, Chew Seng Kok, he said that the house was full with smoke and a girl was trapped inside. Chin Poh heard her screaming and broke the window to rescue her. The glass suddenly exploded and cut his right tendon. He is lucky that the glass did not break on his neck.

After Chin Poh is injured, he was sent to hospital. As this happen in the wee hours, his hands were bandaged. The wound on his hand is deep and he was transferred to specialist centre for surgery. His right hand may be handicapped if surgery is not performed.

As the surgery fee is expensive and he is required to pay at least RM50,000 before surgery, his mother borrowed money to allow him to go for surgery.

His mother, Chai Chye Lian, 38, is a single-mother. She has 6 children including 22 years old eldest son (Food delivery man, drawing monthly salary between RM1000 - RM2000), Chin Poh is her second son. Her third son is 18 and is working in a mask factory, drawing a monthly salary of RM1000. Her forth daugther and fifth daughter is still school and age 17 and 16 respectively. Her youngest daughter is 8 years old.

Chin Poh is a truck wire technician. He lost his job during MCO last year. As his income is affected, he is not able to pay for his insurance. He found a new job last month and unfortunately, he met with this incident and causing him unable to work.

Her mother work as a hawker in Juru, drawing a monthly income of RM2000. She can only pay RM1000+ for Chin Poh medical fee and had borrowed the remaining from others. They have no other options and came forward to seek help from One Hope Charity.

【His tendon are required to be join surgically soonest possible else he will be handicapped】

One Hope Charity's team had visited him on Thursday (8th July) and his condition is stable after surgery. He still required to be monitored in hospital.

He is awake and surgery was successful. Doctor estimate that he needs to rest for at least 6 months. He needs to undergo physiotherapy to regain his strength for his right hand.

After approving the case, One Hope Charity had decided to help raised RM55,000 for his medical fee and living cost assistance for 6 months.

Family agrees to allow One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and at the same time, accumulating the donations from the public. For enquiries, please contact our careline at 016-4192192 or 019-2322192.



GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations