Urgent Fundraising – Sin Liu Xuan (Congenital Heart Disease)



10 months old baby boy suffer from serious congenital heart disease. He fell into coma once and his limbs turned purplish. He needs to undergo heart surgery soonest possible and hoping that the generous public can lend a helping hand to accumulate a total of RM80,000 for his heart surgery

He was normal when he was born but unfortunately, he suffers from congenital heart disease when he was 6 months old. He once fell into coma and doctor suggested surgery soonest possible. 10 months old baby requires RM80,000 for urgent surgery to stay alive.

Sin Liu Xuan who is from Pangkalan, Johor was born on March 22 last year. His parents were rejoiced by his birth. In September, he suffers from continuous cough and his parents brought him to clinic for check up. Everything was normal and doctor gave him cough syrup.

Last year in 17th Nov, he was gasping for air and his parents brought him to clinic for oxygen. Doctor realized his SPO2 was low and referred him to government hospital.

Doctors in Kota Tinggi hospital realized that his heartbeat was fast. He was then transferred to Johor Bahru Central Hospital. He fell into coma during the journey and his limbs turn purplish. Doctor then transferred him to specialist hospital.

After checkup, doctor diagnosed him with congenital heart disease and perforated heart. He requires urgent surgery to stay alive.

The surgery will have 20-30% risk. His parents which that their son can undergo surgery so that he can grow up healthily. If he do not undergo surgery, he may not stay alive.

RM80,000 surgery fee is unable to be paid by his family and his surgery could not delay further. His father Sin Lian Zhi, 31, is a supervisor in a metal factory. He draws a monthly salary of Rm4,000. His mother, Ong Hui Ling, 29, is a housewife. They have another elder daughter who is currently 5 years old.

After checking their background, One Hope Charity decided to help them to fundraised. Their parents agree to allow One Hope Charity to accumulate the donations on behalf of them.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations