Urgent Fundraising – Tan Qiao Qi (Liver Embryonal Sarcoma)



"Tan Qiao Qi, stay strong! The whole family of SMJK Jit Sin II is waiting for you to come back!"

18-year-old Tan Qiao Qi, an outstanding student at SMJK Jit Sin II, brought endless joy to teachers and students with her smiling face and optimistic personality. However, a twist of fate plunged her and her family into an unforeseen agony.

Earlier this year, on the first day of SPM exams, she suddenly felt unwell. Nausea, body aches—she was rushed to the hospital in an emergency. Shockingly, after thorough examination, the doctors delivered devastating news: her liver tumor had ruptured, causing internal bleeding and bacterial infection.

Diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer known as recurrent embryonal sarcoma, Tan Qiao Qi underwent multiple grueling surgeries. Her contaminated blood was cleansed, and two-thirds of the cancer cells were removed, but this was just the beginning. She requires ongoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, while her parents take turns caring for her at the hospital, which is a tremendous burden for any family.

Currently, Tan Qiao Qi and her family urgently need to raise RM 550,000 to continue her treatment journey. They haven't given up hope but instead are counting on your kindness and assistance to give this bright young girl a healthy and hopeful future.

【On the eve of the SPM exams, Tan Qiao Qi's life was in jeopardy when her liver sarcoma ruptured. Doctors administered three powerful heart-strengthening injections and performed a blood transfusion, successfully pulling her back from the brink of death】

Tan Qiao Qi was an active member of the school's dance association, often participating in performances and competitions outside of school. In November last year, she complained to her parents about muscle pain and sought medical attention multiple times to alleviate the discomfort. As it was during the exam preparation period, her parents had initially planned to schedule a detailed examination for their daughter after the SPM exams.

However, on the early morning of January 29, the first day of the SPM exams, Qiao Qi turned pale, experienced vomiting, and complained of chest pain accompanied by sweating. Her parents rushed her to the hospital, where tests revealed a ruptured liver sarcoma requiring urgent surgery. Due to inadequate facilities, she was referred to the Penang General Hospital. At that time, Qiao Qi was already in a state of confusion.

Given the urgency of the situation, doctors immediately inserted a tube to clear the internal blood clots, and subsequently removed two-thirds of her liver. Qiao Qi was later found to be suffering from respiratory distress due to lung congestion and bacterial infection. She remained hospitalized in the intensive care unit and observation ward for over a month.

After being discharged from the hospital, Qiao Qi was deeply troubled by her inability to participate in the exams. Consequently, she expressed her desire to retake the exams to her teachers because her aspiration is to become a teacher.

However, their hopes were short-lived when Qiao Qi suddenly developed jaundice. Upon urgent medical examination, it was discovered that the liver tumor had recurred. Further tests revealed that Qiao Qi was afflicted with a rare form of liver cancer known as recurrent embryonal sarcoma of the liver. She was subsequently referred to the Alor Setar Hospital for further evaluation and underwent two surgeries.

As the malignant tumor progressed rapidly and doctors found themselves powerless, Qiao Qi was eventually referred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL). There, doctors arranged for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, offering renewed hope to her parents. However, the exorbitant medical expenses plunged her parents into financial distress.

Father, Tan Chai Hee (50 years old), sells clothes at the night market, while mother, Ng Sock Ching(47 years old), works in a clothing store. The couple also supports their 23-year-old daughter, who is pursuing higher education in college. However, they are unable to afford the hefty medical expenses of RM550,000 and are seeking assistance.

After careful review, ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to raise the necessary medical funds for Qiao Qi. The family has agreed to entrust all fundraising activities to the ONE HOPE CHARITY.

For this case, ONE HOPE CHARITY will allocate RM30,000 from the "Emergency Medical Reserve Fund." For inquiries, please contact the hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, or 018-911 4192.

【What is Recurrent Embryonal Sarcoma of the Liver?】

A rare malignant tumor of the liver, typically originating from embryonic tissue in the liver, hence termed as embryonal sarcoma. It may develop during fetal development or in children or adults, although this type of liver tumor is more uncommon in adults.

The tumor has a tendency to recur after appearing for a period, indicating it has some invasiveness and a tendency to relapse. Treatment typically involves surgical removal of the tumor, along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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