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2021 One Hope Charity Annual Contribution

Nov 15 15:00 - 16:30

One Hope Charity & Welfare utilize the donations from the generous public and contributes RM100,000 to 17 societies and contributing 10 units of AEDs to 8 organizations.

One Hope Charity & Welfare’s Chairman, Dato’ Chua Sui Hau thanked the generous public for the trust and supports for the charity activities. In lieu of One Hope Charity’s annual contribution event, contributions will be given to societies and organizations as past years, hoping that it can help the society.

The beneficiaries body includes Province Wellesley Renal Medifund, RM5000; Cameo Elderly Care Centre, RM5000; Sai Dwarkamai Laxmi Home Care, RM5000; Community Aids Service Penang, RM5000; Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insan Penyayang Pulau Pinang, RM10,000; Pertubuhan Kebajikan Da Zhi Jiang Tang, RM20,000; Leisure Care Centre, RM20,000.

He added that during then outbreak of Covid-19, Bukit Mertajam’s Bomba Sukarela had aided the society by providing disinfection service without any cost. They had help to break the chain of infection with their actions. After considering the expenses that may incur, One Hope Charity had decided to contribute to 10 bomba sukarela which consist of,Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Kawasan Bukit Mertajam, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Dan Penyelamat Padang Lalang, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Juru, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Kawasan Kampung Cross Street, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Machang Bubok, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Taman Sukun, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Permatang Tinggi, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Berapit, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Kota Permai, Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Dan Penyelamat Jalan Rozhan.

Dato’ Chua made the announcement on 15th (Monday) during One Hope Charity’s annual contribution event 2021. The participants includes the advisors of One Hope Charity, Ang Beng Hock and Dato’ Sri R. Arunasalam, Director General, Lim Kek Hong.

He said that to increase health awareness, One Hope Charity will contribute AED, hoping that it can help save lives during emergency.

Schools that benefits from the contributions are SMJK Jit Sin II (1 unit), SMK Berapit (1 unit), SJK(C) Sin Ya (1 unit), SJK(C) Peng Bin (2 unit), SMK Jalan Damai (1 unit), Jit Sin Independent High School (2 unit), Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Kawasan Bukit Mertajam (1 unit) and Eleanor Medicar Ambulance Service (1 unit).

In that day, AED’s supplier and provided demonstrations and training on how to use the AED and hoping that the beneficiaries can utilize this during emergency.

Dato’ Chua added that the supplier will be going to the schools to install the AED and teaching them to operate the AED. The AED for Bomba and Ambulance are mobile units to ensure that it brings convenience.


November 15, 2021
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


One Hope Charity