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3rd health checkup and blood donation Health Carnival

Nov 01 08:00 - Nov 22 17:00




“Prevention is better than cure”. Constant health checkups are crucial as this can actually prevent diseases and in the same time, reducing their family’s burden indirectly.

One Hope Charity has organized this health carnival for 3 years continuously to provide an opportunity to the low-income group to get their health checked, preventing disease or getting early treatment.


Series of checkups including 52 types of blood test, cancer marker, gynecological sickness, liver screening, bone mass index, hearing test, dental checkups, eyesight checkups (Free custom-made spectacles for those who require) and normal checkups (BMI, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Cholesterol).

Poor students who are experiencing eyesight problem may come forward to register for checkups and custom-made spectacles. The application form can be obtained from school.

Beside,Institute Jantung Negara (IJN) will be dispatching a team of cardiologist and medical team together with equipment for cardiology checkups and providing checkups and consultations.

Checkups which is opened for public includes acupuncture, normal checkups (Blood pressure, Glucose, Cholesterol and BMI), Physiotherapy and orthopedics consultation. These checkups will be performed by government hospital’s doctor and professional medical staffs, all for free.

For blood donation drive, the blood accumulated will be stored in government hospital’s blood bank. We welcome those who are above 18 years old and weighing more than 45kg to participate in this blood donations drive. Every drop of blood may save a life.


Previously, One Hope Charity who provide medical fee assistance realized that certain disease or sickness could be prevented or getting early treatment. Due to financial problems, these patients could not afford health checkups and as a result, their health conditions deteriorated


Start :
Nov 01-08:00
End :
Nov 22-17:00