There is no racial barrier when it comes to sending out positive vibes to people around us. A few days before Deepavali, One Hope Charity distributed 1,000 sets of food aids worth RM200 each, amounted to RM200,000 to underprivileged families through Tamil primary schools and Indian organisations.

Deepavali is an important festival for the Hindus, and it is also a public holiday where Malaysians enjoy. However, there are still some underprivileged families around us, who are unable to enjoy the celebration as they are still dealing with the hardship in life. One Hope Charity understands them. Therefore, the non-profit organisation came forward to distribute food aids to the families in need through schools and Indian organisations right before Deepavali celebration, so that they can enjoy the festive season like the others.

The beneficiary schools are the Tamil primary schools in Central Seberang Perai, namely SJKT Permatang Tinggi, SJKT Ladang  Juru, SJKT Ladang Prye, SJKT Perai, SJKT Bukit  Mertajam and SJKT Mak Mandin in Butterworth. The other beneficiary oraganisations include Persatuan Kebajikan Masyarakat Kaum Hindu, among others. One Hope Charity distributed 1,000 sets of love baskets in batches, including food supply, medical-grade face masks and hand sanitiser, hoping that the family can use the personal protection supplies to protect themselves and their family members during their celebrations.

Sharing love during festive season is timely. The 1,000 sets of love basket that distributed to the poor and needy families of different races not only managed to reduce their burden of life, but also to help them to enjoy a warm and happy Deepavali.