To care for the elderly starts with taking care of their health and diet!

In the past, ONE HOPE CHARITY has cared for the lonely elderly in a different way including taking care of their meals and health, relieving their illnesses, and arranged them in nursing homes. Also, to provide funeral and burial assistance to solve their funeral expenses.

This year ONE HOPE CHARITY is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and the pandemic situation is slowing down. ONE HOPE CHARITY's Chairman Dato’ Chua Sui Hau and the teams visit the elderly on the Parent's Day with provided special lunch box for nearly 100 elderlies. At the same time also arranged for doctors and medical staff to go to the nursing home to conduct detailed health examinations, including blood tests and urine tests.

Some of the elderlies have children and some of them without children, however, they are placed in nursing homes for different reasons. But this does not stop the caring of ONE HOPE CHARITY because it is a gift of love. We hope that the elderlies in the nursing home can feel the society's warmth. Big thanks to them for their effort and contribution to the community when they were young, and for their persistence in life.

ONE HOPE CHARITY also wishes parents all over the world, Happy Parents' Day!