“2022 Annual Health Carnival” organized by One Hope Charity received the sponsorship of 12 pairs of hearing aid from 20dB hearing Sdn Bhd. One Hope Charity will also contribute 12 sets of hearing aids at the same time. The 24 pairs of hearing aid will be provided to patients with hearing difficulties.

One Hope Charity’s chairman, Dato’ Chua Sui Hau, said that many patients facing hearing problems are both given proper attention. Their annual checkup usually includes eye screening but not hearing. Many think that hearing is not important compared to eye problems and eventually affects their daily life and also a psychological issue.

“The 2022 Annual Health Carnival organized by One Hope Charity will be participated by 20dB hearing Sdn Bhd. They will need to provide hearing tests and consultations. Please seize those opportunities to get your free hearing test.”

He hopes that the public will pay more attention to their own health especially hearing. One Hope Charity will also contribute 12 pairs of hearing aid and will be given the needy patients who could not afford hearing aids. The 24 pairs of hearing aids in total will help the patients who use suffering from hearing problems.

20dB Hearing Specialist Sdn Bhd’s senior hearing specialist, Wong Kin Loon said that the awareness of hearing-related problems is low. Eyesight and hearing are both important. Many who suffer from short sightedness tend to wear specs but those who suffer from hearing reduction did not realise that’s hearing aid is similarly important. Most hearing aid users don’t consist of senior citizens. Hearing aid is now very advance with app controlled. It can bring used but patients who are experiencing hearing problems.

One Hope Charity will need organising “2022 Annual Health Carnival” from 18th and 19th of June in Autocity, Juru. Besides providing 2000 needy individuals with 55 types of blood screen (inclusive of cancer marker) and 1000 sets of spectacles for senior citizens and students, there isn’t a series of checkups available to the public which include ear, eyes, and teeth examinations, bone mass index test, prostate, arthritis, psychological, Pap smear, liver screening, diabetes screening, blood pressure screening, BMI, etc. The certain test is open to the public for free and will help conducted by business specialists, nurses, and medical assistants.