One Hope Charity & Welfare will be distributing its Health Carnival 2022 blood test report and free spectacles to the beneficiaries this Sunday (3 July). All beneficiaries are urged to come and collect their reports and spectacles in person. There will also an information counter to provide help to those who need to apply for medical assistance. They can make direct inquire or submit their application on the spot.

One Hope Charity provided more than 20 tests and examinations, activities and health talks during the Health Carnival held at Juru Auto City on 18 and 19 June. Nearly 4,000 people attended the two-day event, and the response was overwhelming.

Health Carnival mainly provided blood test of 55 tests and multiple cancer index identifications to 2,000 poor and low-income groups in Penang and Seberang Prai, as well as 1,000 pairs of spectacles for poor elderly and needy students.

Blood test report and spectacles will be distributed to the beneficiaries on this Sunday (3 July), starting from 9:00am to 2:00pm at the Ng Yam Huat Hall in Bukit Mertajam.

Encouraged the beneficiaries to come and collect their blood test reports and spectacles in person. They only need to show their MyKad on that day to collect their respective blood test report. There will be many doctors and medical personnel on standby to analyse the report, as well as to provide one-to-one health advice. The beneficiaries can also consult the doctors on the spot should they have any questions.

For those who unable to attend to collect the report in person, may entrust immediate family member to do so. However, the immediate family member must present the beneficiary’s MyKad (original / photocopy), or marriage certificate, or birth certificate to prove their relationship.

Blood test report is a private document that should not be leaked, so One Hope Charity will not allow people other than family members to collect it on behalf of their friends, neighbours, colleagues, or others.

All beneficiaries who come to collect the blood test report and complete the doctor’s consultation on that day will receive a set of “Food of Love” worth RM200, and a subsidy of RM50 to help the beneficiary’s family.

As for those who receive spectacles, they must also bring along their MyKad or MyKid. We also encourage them to come and collect in person, as we will be having optometrists there to do adjustments on the spot.

Besides distributing blood test reports and spectacles on that day, there will also be a free traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis area to allow those beneficiaries to have pulse checking, acupuncture and massage after the collection of blood test report or spectacles.