Beneficiaries of the 2022 Health Carnival are actively attending to collect blood test reports and spectacles on the 3rd of July(Sunday). There was only 5% of the beneficiaries were absent, which shows that everyone is very concerned about their health status.

The children brought their parents to collect blood test reports or spectacles, so as to care for and understand the health of their parents. They were waiting outside the auditorium early in the morning.

The 2022 Health Carnival was organized by ONE HOPE CHARITY on June 18th and 19th, providing 2,000 poor and low-income families (B40 group) with blood tests, and 1,000 pairs of spectacles for low-income, elderly, and poor students.

On that day, a group of doctors and medical staff is also assigned to interpret the blood test reports on the spot to ensure that they understand their own body health status.

Some status shows that the causative illness has begun to deteriorate, and urgently needs medical treatment. For these people, we will provide immediate assistance so that they can get medical treatment as soon as possible to prevent the disease from worsening or spreading.

In addition, parents also bring their children to collect spectacles, so their children can study without vision problems. On the day, there was also a free TCM clinic, providing pulse checking, acupuncture, and massage for the beneficiaries.

Less than 5% of the beneficiaries did not come to collect the blood test report and spectacles. Some contacted in advance that they were quarantined at home due to COVID-19, while others were admitted to the hospital or felt unwell. ONE HOPE CHARITY will make other arrangements for these people to come to collect the report and spectacles at our service centre.

ONE HOPE CHARITY is very grateful to the volunteer team for their great help so that the health event can be completed smoothly.