There is hope for poverty alleviation, ONE HOPE is by your side!

In order to allow poor households and disadvantaged groups to continue to receive care and warmth in the new year, ONE HOPE CHARITY especially promotes the "ONE HOPE Welfare Card", so that eligible people can regularly visit the office, receive or borrow needed welfare materials and medical supplies.

Dato'Chua Sui Hau, chairman of ONE HOPE CHARITY & WELFARE, said that everyone was facing the difficulties of the epidemic in the past two years. And we witnessed and helped many people who are desperate for assistance. Most of them have temporarily lost their ability to work and have no source of income. Therefore, both mentally and economically are under burden and pressure.

He added that in the two years of the epidemic, the number of requests for help we received doubled. After analyzing each request for help, we decided to introduce ONE HOPE welfare card to those eligible, hoping to effectively help the needy groups, especially for poor families to receive medical treatment and food assistance.

He emphasized that in the past 20 years, ONE HOPE CHARITY has promoted various charitable projects and public welfare activities, and has been constantly pursuing progress and expanding charity coverage and intensity, so that more needy families can enjoy this kind of charitable assistance that ignites hope.

He said that those who need assistance can bring their credentials to ONE HOPE CHARITY office to apply and fill in the form. Our team will check with the applicants about their life difficulties, and then review and approve according to the application process.

He pointed out that all donations come from members of the public. Therefore, after receiving the application, the foundation will still conduct a preliminary home visit to the applicant. After verifying the cause of the family's difficulties, the approval will be issued, and then a Welfare Card will be issued to those who meet the conditions.

For details, please call 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192, 019-332 2192 for inquiries.