"I used to be depressed due to my blindness, and I also grumbled about why I started receiving kidney dialysis at such a young age. But even though I witnessed many kidney dialysis patients' misfortunes over the course of my ten-year career, I was still able to go to school to learn new things. Live comfortably and be very self-reliant."

26-year-old Since she was a young child, Andrea Pui has been blind, and there is barely any light in her surroundings. Even more desperate is the fact that she began receiving kidney dialysis at the age of 12 after being given the kidney failure diagnosis. However, she works hard to improve herself and is upbeat and optimistic. She entered University successfully to study professional English after completing her secondary and primary educations, where she earned a bachelor's degree. She is currently an administrator.

Andrea Pui, a 26-year-old Penang resident, waited for a kidney transplant for a long time and finally hoped for the chance to be free of the agony of kidney dialysis. However, as one of her family's breadwinners, she was concerned about her living expenses following the kidney transplant.

With the living and medical expenses that Andrea Pui needs have been fully raised, she can only wait for the god of luck to come, and she will need to go to the hospital in Kuala Lumpur for a kidney transplant immediately if she is notified at any time.

Not only did she and her family breathe a sigh of relief when ONE HOPE CHARITY approved the assistance, but she also appreciated the general public's assistance in helping her family get through the difficult times. Her wish is to become a teacher and give back to the love and care of the public.

The two blind sisters are well-mannered and positively disabled but not disabled. They began learning the piano at the ages of 9 and 10, and they both passed the piano eight-level exam. The two have excellent hearing and can search the files stored in the mobile phone using the fast voice on the phone. The computer at the two people's workplace is equipped with voice reading software, and they can use the mobile phone and computer like regular people.

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