Ang Pau Seng, a 42-year-old chef, was paralysed in bed. He was hospitalised for nearly three months because his elderly father and children were unable to care for him. Following the review, ONE HOPE CHARITY approved the assistance, and he was discharged from the hospital and placed in a nursing home in mid-February.

He needs to use a catheter to drink milk every 3 hours, and needs to regularly clean the tubes for the placement of the tracheostomy and urinary catheter, etc. He also needs an ambulance to take him to follow-up visits regularly, and special milk powder and diapers are also a heavy burden.

In addition, the severe bedsore on his buttocks requires a nurse to clean the wound every day. The nurse told that the wound needs to be cleaned for at least half a year, and the necessary medical supplies have become a fixed expense.

His father is appreciative of the public's kind donations, which have allowed his son to have a place to stay. As for the three children of Pau Seng who were properly settled under the guardianship of their aunt, the social security agency also issued assistance to cover the living expenses of the three children. ONE HOPE CHARITY also expressed to the three children that if they need assistance in the future, they can inform them at any time, and ONE HOPE CHARITY will always be ready to lend a helping hand.

A 42-years-old chef was paralysed after a car accident, which rendered him incapable of caring for himself. The elderly father pleaded the generous public to assist in getting his paralysed son into a nursing home. ONE HOPE CHARITY provides RM50,000 in assistance, paying for wound care and nursing home costs.