Kepala Batas's field ICU appreciates the contribution from the generous public in setting up the field ICU and had given certification of appreciation to 2 organisation which are One Hope Charity and Tzu Ci Charity organization.

One Hope Charity's chairman, Mr. Chua Sui Hau stated that the Field ICU's Commander, Zamri had invited One Hope Charity to handover the souvenir to show their appreciations for the aids provided.

The deputy commander explained that the field ICU had been operated for 50 plus days and there are 24 beds in ICU and had treated 117 patients. 110 patients are in stage 4, 7 patients are in stage 5 and 1 had passed away.

One Hope Charity aided in setting up Field ICU is to help rescuing lives and had contributed dialysis machine, oxygen concentrator, oxygen meter, medical trolley, injection trolley, privacy screen, tent and other. Water dispensing machine and food was also given.

One Hope Charity appreciates the donation from the generous public and helping our country to win the battle with Covid-19.

Donate another RM113,068 of medical equipment and facilities

Support of fire protection equipment, tents, refrigerators and microwaves

Sponsor drinking water, beverage and dry food