Due to an emergency, the baby girl who has congenital heart disease underwent an operation on 16 December. We hope that her surgery will go smoothly.

Ayra Inara Binti Alif Imranhad an emergency situation a few days ago, she underwent an emergency heart surgery on 16 December. The total cost of RM50,000 surgery fee has been fully funded, and the fundraising will stop immediately.

Ayra Inara from Balik Pulau, Pulau Penang was discovered of kidney problems when she was a fetus, and she was diagnosed with heart disease after she was born. She has to rely on a heart assistive machine and medication for survives.

Her parents finally relieved their stress from the shortage of the needed surgical fee. Now they can take care of their little baby girl wholeheartedly. They are also very grateful for the generous public donation so that their baby girl can grow up healthily.

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