One Hope Charity donated an all-in-one Smart Board to SJKC Kampung Jawi in South Seberang Prai to improve the school’s teaching and learning environment.

With the development of the technology, the teaching methods in school become more lively and interesting. Some schools with stronger financial ability have upgraded its facilities and hardware equipment to benefit their students. However, for schools with limited resources, they are still far behind on the usage of high-tech teaching method. The schools have to do everything possible to find sponsorship to improve the schools so that they can provide their students with a better learning environment.

Modern teaching has become a trend that cannot be neglected. In line with our goal of benefiting students, One Hope Charity obliged to provide a set of intelligent all-in-one Smart Board to SJKC Kampung Jawi following the request from the school, so that the school can create a smart classroom for its students.

SJKC Kampung Jawi in Sungai Jawi has 211 pupils, of which 177 are primary school pupils and the remaining 34 are preschoolers. The school has eight classrooms, and now, six classrooms have equipped with the intelligent all-in-one Smart Board, including one, which was sponsored by One Hope Charity. The school still needs two smart classrooms, and they hope to seek financial assistance from the public.

One Hope Charity makes good use of the resources and funds from the public to contribute to education. We would like to thank all the well-wishers for your support and trust, so that the donations can be extended to help more people and bring benefits to the society.