After the fundraising was launched on December 17, One Hope Charity arranged a nursing home for Cheah Siew Kee. She will be taken to the nursing home by an ambulance on the next day (December 18), so that she can receive better and proper care.

As she was one of the cases assisted by One Hope Charity, it was sad for everyone to see her getting thinner and thinner. Therefore, One Hope Charity decided to help her once again. In addition to settling her to a nursing home, the organisation will also help her with physiotherapy sessions, special formula milk powder and other medical equipment, so that she can be well taken care off, hoping that she can have a chance to recover one day.

42-year-old Cheah Siew Kee has been paralysed since she suffered a stroke in 2016. The target of raising RM90,000 for her medical expenses for three years has achieved. If there are other donations to Siew Kee in the future, all will be put into Siew Kee’s fund, so that she can be properly taken care of. The fund will solely be used for Siew Kee’s nursing case and medical expenses, and will not be used for any other purposes.

Her 42-year-old husband, Liam Kean Kok, has signed an agreement, which disallowed him to launch any external fundraisings. He also promised to surrender the monthly aid and formula milk subsidy from the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) to the nursing home.

As the RM90,000 fund needed by Cheah Siew Kee has been successfully raised, the fundraising will stop immediately. Siew Kee had been taken by an ambulance from her house in South Seberang Prai to the nursing home in Bukit Mertajam this morning for better and proper care.

The parents are grateful to the public for their generosity, so that  Siew Kee can have a better and more comfortable place to settle down.

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