"I just didn't take it seriously, which led to the deterioration of scoliosis, so I advise parents and other patients not to take it lightly, and need to take seriously the problems caused by scoliosis."

Chin Kah Mun said that in the past, because of the family's economic considerations and a disinterested attitude, she did not take a positive attitude towards her scoliosis problem.

As an experienced person, she earnestly advised the public not to ignore seemingly inconspicuous problems.

She was arranged by the hospital for surgery on October 8, and the RM48,000 required for the surgery has been fully funded. In addition to being grateful, she also promised to give back to the society if she has the ability.

Chin Kah Mun from Kuala Lumpur was diagnosed with spinal abnormalities since she was 14 years old. The test found that the scoliosis was 40 degrees. At that time, she tried massage to avoid the deterioration of the situation. Unexpectedly, after 12 years, the spinal problem has not been resolved, but there are signs of deterioration to 67 degrees, and back pain occurs.