26-year-old Chin Kah Mun has a scoliosis of 67 degrees. Her inability to sit and stand for a long time affects her work. She has undergone chiropractic surgery on October 8. The operation went smoothly. After two days of rest in the hospital, she was allowed to be discharged from the hospital on October 10.

She and her parents are extremely grateful for the public donations, which will allow their daughter to avoid the various complications caused by scoliosis and save her life.

They have nothing to offer except gratitude. They can only promise that if they are able, they will give back to society to help other sick people in the future, so that this love can be passed on.

Chin Kah Mun, from Kuala Lumpur, has had spinal abnormalities since the age of 14. The test revealed that the scoliosis was 40 degrees. To avoid a worsening of the situation, she tried massage at the time. After 12 years, the spine deteriorated to 67 degrees, causing back pain. She must have chiropractic surgery before her scoliosis reaches 70 degrees, or the risk will increase and become life-threatening.