When God closes a door, he must open another window.

Chloe, an 11-year-old deaf girl, has a talent for drawing. She drew a painting to thank the generous public for allowing her to replace the cochlear implant processor.

Chloe from Perak was nearly four years old when he received a cochlear implant, and she is now able to hear beautiful sounds and learn pronunciation step by step. The earphones he had been using for many years had been discontinued after 8 years. If a problem arises, she may be unable to replace the accessories, so both ears must be replaced with new earphone processors.

Chloe enjoys drawing a lot. She paints in a childlike manner. She is still actively studying, despite the fact that she is still learning pronunciation and expressions due to her deafness. She attends a Chinese primary school's special education class. The interaction among students is also extremely positive.

The RM65,000 earphone processing fee that she requires has been fully raised, and mother Yap Wei Dhing is extremely grateful for the public donations, which will allow her child to reconnect with society and lead a normal life.