‘Thank you everyone for help saving our cute baby.’

Chong Wen Bin, who needs to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for treatment after birth due to pulmonary edema (fluid in lungs). The treatment cost of RM80,000 had raised completely, and we will stop raising funds for Chong Wen Bing from now on.

Chong Wen Bin, a premature baby from Ipoh, Perak. He was diagnosed with pulmonary edema (fluid in lungs) after he was born. He needs to undergo antibiotic treatment for three weeks in intensive care unit.

The doctor recommended a caesarean section due to the mother was advanced maternal age. Therefore, the father could only afford for paying delivery cost of C section and medical expenses of mother. He had no idea for child's medical expenses and thus he asked help from One Hope Charity to looked forward to donations from the public.

Now, after receiving nearly 2 weeks of treatment in the intensive care unit, Chong Wen Bin can breathe by himself without relying on oxygen breathing machine. His parent can already carry him in arms.

Parents of Chong Wen Bin are very grateful to the enthusiastic people for helping them to tide over this difficulty. We are look forward to Chong Wen Bin recover and discharge from the hospital.

Part 1:Fundraising