Although she’s suffering from acute myeloid leukaemia but 36-year-old Chonnipa Taicharoen remains optimistic in her fight against the cancer. She hopes that she could recover so that she could continue to stay by her children when they grow up. Her RM265,000 treatment fees has been successfully raised. Hence, the fundraising will stop immediately.

Chonnipa Taicharoen had completed two sessions of chemotherapy. Her third chemotherapy session will start on October 6. The session will take about 3 to 4 weeks. At the same time, her family is applying for her sister, who is currently in Thailand, to fly in for the bone marrow donation. The bone marrow transplantation is expected to be carried out in late October or November.

Family always comes first for Chonnipa Taicharoen in the past. She dedicated all her time to the family and her children; and now, she is sick. Her thoughtful children always find ways to cheer her up. The encouragements from her children made her strong in facing her illness.

The couple is very grateful for the donations from the public. The donations had given her an opportunity to receive treatment, so that she could have a chance to witness her children growing up. Thank you for the support and blessings. We hope that she could recover soon, and continue to play a role as a good mother.

Part 1:Fundraising