"Both the children are able to restore their hearing. Thank you for your donation. Chuah Kai Ying and Chuah Jia Gang promised will study hard and contribute to the society in the future."

The cochlear processor cost RM36,000 for the two siblings Chuah Kai Ying and Jia Gang have been raised completely. Single mothers are very grateful to the public for their donations, and manage to give both of them the opportunities to have a better and clearer hearing so that they can read and study with attentiveness.

21-year-old Kai Ying is currently studying architecture, construction & town planning at USM; 14-year-old Jia Gang went to Form 1 in secondary school. Although language barriers due to deafness make them lack of self-confidence, but they still strive to keep making progress.

Mother, Tan Phaik Meay hopes that their children can paddle their own canoe, and able to help those needy in future.

Part 1:Fundraising