"When the left ear couldn't hear the sound, Clarence was very sad. Now that everyone has donated to help, Clarence is very happy, because the left ear will finally have the opportunity to restore hearing."

At the age of 11, Clarence was born deaf in both ears. She has been wearing hearing aids since she was a child. At the age of 2, she had a cochlear implant surgery because her right ear was completely inaudible. Until last year, the hearing in the left ear began to decline, and even wearing a hearing aid could not hear, and a cochlear implant was required in the left ear.

After a long wait, she finally got a date for her surgery and will have a cochlear implant on August 2.

Clarence's mother, Wong Huey Shan, said that although her daughter has a speech therapy class, the teacher cannot guide her 24 hours a day, so her mother will urge her child at home after studying. As long as her pronunciation is not accurate, her mother will always correct her.

Parents are very grateful for the donations from the public, so that their daughter can receive all the beautiful voices in the world. In addition, the child's future studies in school and even communication with friends are completely fine.

Part 1:Fundraising