The 11-year-old girl Clarence Hew has been arranged for cochlear implantation surgery on the 2nd of August, and the surgery went smoothly. After the surgery, the hearing in both ears has greatly improved. Clarence's mother quit work to accompany and guide her to speak 24 hours a day. She now can speak as normal.

Clarence needs speech therapy after cochlear implantation. At the same time, she needs to adjust the volume of the cochlear and needs to cooperate with various aspects of cognition and learning step by step. Her parent is sincerely grateful for the help from the public so that their child can obtain a perfect hearing.

The smart and lovely Clarence was born deaf in both ears. She has been wearing hearing aids since she was a child. She underwent cochlear implant surgery in her right ear when she was 3 years old. Unexpectedly, she found that hearing loss in her left ear during a hearing test last year. In order for Clarence to have better hearing and avoid delays in learning and even communication barriers in middle school, a cochlear implant is necessary.

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