Huang Jing’s bone marrow replacement has finally arrived and the fundraising goal to reach RM200,000 has been achieved. To her, this is her second chance in life. We would like to thank you all for your kind donations and giving her a glimmer of hope. Not only was she deeply appreciated, she promised everyone that she will stay strong and determined in her life.

On March 11, Huang Jing will undergo COVID-19 and lung test at the Penang Hospital, followed by the bone marrow transplantation on March 17 at a hospital in Ampang. We wish her all the best.

One Hope Charity agreed that after settling her case, the Association will be by her side to fight against cancer. From chemotherapy, fever, bacterial infection to being admitted to hospital back and forth… needless to say, she has gone through a lot.

After receiving a suitable bone marrow replacement, One Hope Charity has started to reach out and contact the Ampang Hospital to begin the process of purchasing the bone marrow, as well as to arrange all the details that needed attention before and after the surgery.

Today, the wait for her bone marrow transplantation is finally numbered and she could not help but to spread positive vibes to everyone. Thank you everyone for your love and support to give her the strength to live on, and we hope that everyone can continue to show her your support, letting her know that she is not fighting a lonely battle.