Penang's Chief Minister, YAB Chow Kon Yeow stated that from Jan till July this year, One Hope Charity had organised 4 big events and had distributed totally expected 15,000 packs of food worth RM3,440,000. This is a big scale assistance provided and has proven that One Hope Charity is a true organisation who provides assistance.

He stated that at the beginning of this year, One Hope Charity had distributed 4200 packs of essential items and food through 40 KADUN; following by 2000 packs of food to needy families and 5000 packs through One Hope Charity's "Covid-19 Relief Program".

"One Hope Charity will be distributing 3900 packs of essential items and food through 13 Members of Parliament. Each will receive 300 packs. The state government would like to extend our appreciation to One Hope Charity who helped during these tough times. We believe that this can help the needy to reduce their burdens."

【Contributing 3900 packs of essential items and food to 13 Members of Parliament. Each will be receiving 300 packs for the needy families】

He observed the virtual handover of essential items and foods to 13 Members of Parliament today.

One Hope Charity is sending love to the needy once again during the pandemic – and this time – through the distribution of food supply bags. A total 3,900 bags of food worth RM200 each, amounting to RM780,000 will be distributed to poor households in the state starting today.

One Hope Charity & Welfare chairman Chua Sui Hau said due to the current pandemic situation, we have to follow strict SOPs. Therefore, we decided to handover the items to the parliamentarians and constituency coordinators so that they could help us in the distributions,” he said.

He added that the distribution of food packages was originally scheduled in June where the distributions at 13 parliamentary constituencies were to be conducted concurrently. However, the number of cases was high, and the government had imposed a total lockdown, so the programme has to be postponed.

In a simple ceremony held in Komtar on Friday, where Chua symbolically hand over One Hope Charity’s food packages to Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, who is also the MP for Tanjung, he said that the food packages are funded by public donations, hoping to relieve those needy from starvation. It is different from the recent announcement by the government to provide allocations to parliamentarians so that they could distribute dry food to the people.

“I believe that this effort would benefit more poor and underprivileged families especially during the pandemic,” he said, adding that One Hope Charity could not carried out its large-scale essential items contributions that involved some 10,000 families due to the pandemic.

“Therefore, in January, we had distributed 4,200 sets of food packages through 40 state assemblymen and constituency coordinators; and now, we will distribute 3,9000 sets of food packages to registered families through the 13 parliamentarians and its coordinators,” he said.

He explained that in the 3,900 sets of food packages, each food package contains dry food, and also a box of medical grade face mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Since early of the year, One Hope Charity has distributed more than 15,000 sets of food packages to the underprivileged seeking help. Furthermore, in order to provide immediate help to the needy during the pandemic, One Hope Charity also launched its “Food Basket with Love Campaign” in mid of June, where 5,000 sets of boxes filled with food supplies have been delivered to the doorsteps of underprivileged families through courier services.

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