Their homes were destroyed by the flood. One Hope Charity acted promptly to donate 500 mattresses to help the victims.

There were heavy rains which caused floods in several states last week, of which Selangor and Pahang were seriously affected. Ketari in Bentong District, Pahang was almost submerged under floodwaters. All the aid at that time rushed into Selangor, and Ketari, which was in a relatively remote area, seemed not receiving enough help then.

We are always ready to provide support. When One Hope Charity received information from Bukit Mertajam MP, Yang Berhormat Steven Sim that his “I LOVE BM” volunteers group would go south to Ketari for disaster relief and needed support from One Hope Charity, the Organisation immediately ordered and contributed 500 mattresses.

The 500 mattresses were delivered to Ketari on December 22 in batches, and were handed over to victims in need through the “I LOVE BM” volunteers group, so that the victims no longer need to sleep on the cold concrete floor in the evacuation centres.

One Hope Charity is grateful for the donations from all well-wishers from various locations. Your donations enabled One Hope Charity to provide practical assistance to those in need in the shortest period of time during emergency.