Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat, a 30 years famous local shop in Penang, donated RM20,000 to the ONE HOPE CHARITY to help severely ill patients tide over the time of difficulties.

The country has been facing the epidemic for 2 years, which bring negative impacts to many small and medium-sized business. However, this never stop the owner of Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat continue doing charity. The owner donated RM10,000 to Tan Kuok Liang, the cancer couple in Penang. Then, another RM10,000 donated to Teh Ping Ann, a 1-year-old girl with a rare genetic disease.

This is also the second donation from Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat. In June 2020, they donated RM10,000 for the three sisters who suffered from rare genetic diseases.

Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat has always upheld the virtue of doing good. This is regardless of the good times or the economic downturn. They regularly allocate funds to help disadvantaged groups on every year.

Madam Kau, the representative of Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat handed over donation cheque to ONE HOPE CHARITY and wished the patients a speedy recovery.