The boxes are not only filled with food supplies but also the love and care from all well-wishers. One Hope Charity will continue to send out food boxes to underprivileged families through courier services.

One Hope Charity continues to send out cares. Food boxes with love are still being sent out to families affected by the pandemic around Malaysia.

We stand together during the pandemic. One Hope Charity understands that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, and many families have been affected. Therefore, One Hope Charity has launched its “Food Basket with Love Campaign” since June this year, where food boxes filled with food supplies have been sent out to the doorsteps of families affected by the pandemic through courier services.

Special thanks to all well-wishers for your donations so that One Hope Charity could continue to provide assistance to families in need. Your kind act makes them feel the care and love from the society.