Looking at the heart condition of their child, the distraught parents are at a lost. However, a phone call from the hospital rekindled their hope, as the phone call brought them a great news – the current condition of their one month old daughter Dhiya Ayesha is suitable for the heart repair surgery. They are hoping that everyone would continue praying for their baby girl.

Although the baby from Kodiang in Kedah suffers from severe congenital heart disease, she could not receive her surgery due to pulmonary hypertension – the side effect of the medication she took, as well as lung infection. Her condition was unstable for the past two weeks.

At present, the hospital has gradually reduced her medication, hoping that she could be transferred to other hospital immediately for heart repair surgery after she recovered from the lung infection. Her heart surgery is tentatively scheduled on August 16.

This is a race against time. Thank you for the donations from all the well-wishers, because of your generous donations, the baby girl survived the bacteria infection so that she is allowed to undergo the surgery at the most suitable time.

The RM90,000 she needed for the heart surgery has been successfully raised. Therefore, the fundraising will stop immediately. Her parents, Muhamad Yusnazi Bin Mustafar and Julaina Azra Binti Ahmad are very grateful for the generous donations from the public, so that their baby girl could undergo the live-saving surgery within the golden window.

The baby needs the blessings and prayers from everyone for a safe and smooth surgery, so that she could grow up healthily and live a normal life.

Part 1:Fundraising