Baby girl Dhiya Ayesha is now three months old. She is growing healthy after completing her heart surgery.

Dhiya Ayesha from Kodiang in Kedah suffered from severe congenital heart disease. The side effects of the medication had caused her lung pressure to increase, coupled with lungs infection, she was once unable to undergo the surgery due to unstable condition.

She underwent a heart repair surgery after her condition stabalised and the surgery was successful. However, she faced some medical condition during the observation period in the intensive care unit (ICU). Fortunately, the baby girl is very strong. She overcame all the challenges, stop relying on breathing aid, and started to breathe on her own.

After staying in the ICU for 11 days, she was transferred to the normal ward, and was allowed to be discharged from the hospital a week later. She returned home and reunited with her family.

And now, she has got rid of her heart problems, but she is still being fed through a tube. She will continue to receive speech therapy at Kangar Hospital and learn how to swallow and chew. We pray that the baby girl can grow up healthily. One Hope Charity would like to express its gratitude to all the well-wishers for your donations and blessings that enable us to save a life.

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