Durrah Arissa Binti Lukman Hakim, whose lungs were not fully developed finally got through the difficulties with the help of the kind-hearted public. Her parents can finally bring her back home to reunite.

Durrah Arissa, a baby girl from Perak, was born on September 17. The doctor found her breathing abnormally at birth. She was diagnosed that her lungs were not fully developed after close examination, which made her unable to breathe spontaneously and she had to rely on a breathing machine. She showed great vitality even though her body was small. This made her parents feel even more distressed.

She did not live up to the love and guardians of the benevolent people. Her lungs grew day by day until the doctor announced that her lungs were completely grown and healthy. And, she was able to discharge.

Her parents are very grateful for the help of the kind-hearted public regardless of race or religion.

Part 1:Fundraising

PART 2 : Fundraising Complete