Unmarried man Eng Meng Hong from Sungai Bakap has signed up as one of the beneficiaries of One Hope Charity’s “Promise of the Last Journey” and exhorted to the volunteers that he intends to donate his body and organs after his death to help more people in need. He is very firm about his last wish as he wants to leave his love to the world.

After learning about his wish, One Hope Charity also arranged for the relevant authority to assist him in signing up as an organ and body donors, and at the same time, informed the nursing home about Meng Hong’s wish to become a body donor, as well as provide the nursing home with the details about the body donation procedures, the departments that they need to contact after the passing of Meng Hong, and other relevant information.

Meng Hong’s health is deteriorating, so the lonely old man requested help to pay for his long-term medical expenses and the cost of staying in a nursing home. As the RM66,000 he needed has been successfully raised, he can now put his mind at ease living in a nursing home.

He said that he will suffer from shortness of breath and fatigue when he walks, and he needs regular follow-up visits and medication, so he is grateful for the assistance from the public, which has allowed him to recuperate with a peace of mind.

Part 1:Fundraising