The epidemic has occurred repeatedly, and everyone involved has kept up the fight. Resources for preventing epidemics are lacking in SJK(C) Perkampungan Berapit. ONE HOPE CHARITY volunteered to deliver 96 hand sanitizers and 80 boxes of masks to the school in order to meet the school's immediate needs.

ONE HOPE CHARITY has consistently supported the front-line medical team. Our team uses schools as its primary distribution hub for anti-epidemic supplies in addition to supplying a lot of items to safeguard front-line workers.

Some schools are in remote rural areas with limited resources. Furthermore, epidemic prevention cannot be postponed. As a result, ONE HOPE CHARITY epidemic prevention materials are like timely rain, allowing the school to make good use of the epidemic prevention materials while avoiding opening the epidemic prevention gap and causing infection clusters.

These are general public contributions. ONE HOPE CHARITY makes effective use of these resources to help underprivileged and needy people in the hopes that they would unite and take a strong stance.

Medical Assistance 2022 July