They are a group of around 20 people, a Disinfection Service Team under the Pejabat Pegawai Penyelaras Khas Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang. This is also Penang first disinfection service team form by citizen. Disinfection Service Team was establishment on January this year, they will go different location to conduct disinfection service at every night.

This group of people with one aim is to protect their homeland regardless of gender, age, and race. Therefore, the members included male and male, as well as elderly and young people. Any individual or group who is positive for Covid-19 can seek disinfection service from them, can be for home, public place, nursing home, religious place, school, police station. The services are free of charge.

One Hope Charity received a request from the Pejabat Pegawai Penyelaras Khas Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang for medical masks for the Disinfection Service Team members. After that, we donated 5 cartons with total 10,000 medical masks to the Disinfection Service Team.

Happy to see everyone carry their responsibilities and willing to help each other to break the chain of virus.

Buletin Mutiara