The 38-year-old engineer, Che Madlysham Bin Che Musa, hold the spirit of fighting cancer with his responsibilities to his wife and children. The medication cost of RM68,640 has been completed raised. He is deeply grateful for the donations and blessings from the public.

Che Madlysham had completed chemotherapy sessions and stem cell transplantation at the beginning of this year, he needed RM8580 monthly to purchase oral medication to prevent cancer recurrence. He needed to take the medicine for up to one year. Now that he has used his insurance money and savings to cover the cost of oral medication for 4 months. One Hope Charity has agreed to assist him with medication for remaining 8 months. The cost of the medication has been fully raised and thus the fundraising campaign will be stopped immediately.

According to Che Madlysham, One Hope Charity gave him a hope and belief to survive and fight cancer. He is also grateful for the donations from the public. He hopes that after recovering from illness, he can continue to take care of his family and return to society.

Part 1:Fundraising