Kong Lit Shun, a 3-year-old boy who was diagnosed congenital heart disease is still under observation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Once his condition is stable, the doctor will perform an operation for him. Please continue to pray for little Lit Shun.

Kong Lit Shun was admitted to the hospital for a detailed examination on 1 January 2022 due to high fever. Then, Doctor confirmed that his heart condition deteriorated and he needed surgery to prolong his life.

The boy’s 38-year-old father Kong Wai Leong and 28-year-old mother can't afford the medical expenses. Therefore they seek the assistance from ONE HOPE CHARITY and hope to get donations from the public to save their child. The RM80,000 medical expenses needed for Kong Lit Shun have been raised completely and fundraising will be stopped from now on.

The parents thank all the enthusiastic people for the donation. This funds are timely for them to save the child’s life in the critical time.

Part 1:Fundraising