Muhammad Nur Faiz Irsyad, a four-month-old baby boy from Penang; nine-year-old girl Nur Qurratul Aina Binti Ajis and 10-year-old boy Zainul Ariffin Bin Zainal Abidin, both from East Malaysia, have been arranged for surgery. The total sum of surgical fee amounted to RM146,000 has been successfully raised, hence, the fundraising will be stopped immediately.

The baby boy, Muhammad Nur Faiz Irsyad has been scheduled for his surgery on November 8. Meanwhile, the two East Malaysian children with heart disease, have been arranged to undergo their heart repair surgeries at the National Heart Institute in the peninsular Malaysia.

Nine-year-old Nur Qurratul Aina and 10-year-old Zainul Ariffin had completed their respective surgery on November 7. As the government only subsidised the transportation and accommodation expenses for the patient and a guardian, Nur Qurrantul’s mother, who can’t afford to purchase an air ticket, was unable to be with her daughter during her treatment. She can only pray for a smooth surgery.

As for Zainul Ariffin’s father, he can afford his air ticket, therefore, both the parents accompanied their son to fly into the West Malaysia for surgery.

It wasn’t easy for the three children to seek medical assistance. Fortunately, they received help from the public for the huge amount of surgical fee, which enabled them to undergo their surgery as scheduled. We hope that the surgeries will proceed smoothly so that the children can return to their respective family and grow up healthily and happily.

Their parents were grateful for the help from all well-wishers, so that their child can be saved.

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