Muhammad Harraz Firdaus, 5 years old, who needed artificial cochlear implant cost has been raised completed. His mother very grateful to the public for their donations, so that her child can get out of the silent world.

His mother had suspected that he had hearing difficulties when he was 1 year old. Then, he was diagnosed with being born deaf at the age of 4.  After that, his hearing did not improve after wearing a hearing aid.

After various hearing test, the doctor determined that his right ear is suitable for cochlear implantation. However, the single mother can only afford RM6,000. The remaining balance of RM79,000 needed help (donations) from the public.

Thanks to donations from generous people, now the remaining balance of cochlear cost have been fully funded. The mother is very grateful to everyone for their donations regardless of race and religion, and this allowed her child out of the silent world.

The boy will have a cochlear implant surgery on 5 August 2021. We believe the boy could call out "mother" after speech therapy.

Part 1:Fundraising