Queena Chong was infected with cytomegalovirus (CMV) in her mother’s womb, which resulted her to suffer from binaural sensorineural hearing loss. The RM82,400 medical fee she needed has been successfully raised. Her mother thanked all the well-wishers for their help. Little Queena’s cochlear implant surgery is scheduled on December 29.

Five-year-old Queena from Johor was tested for hearing impairment in both ears when she was born. Her right ear was implanted with an artificial cochlea when she was one year old, and her family members sent her for speech therapy. Last year, her speech ability improved a lot, which surprised her mother. When she went for regular follow-up visit, the doctor suggested her to undergo cochlear implant surgery for the other side of her ear, so that she can continue to develop her language skills.

However, the cochlear implantation (electronic cochlea) cost about RM70,400, while the medical and hospitalisation fees amounted to RM12,000, which sum up to RM82,400. As her mother Kong Wai San has already divorced, the huge amount of surgical fee has left her at a loss. Hence, she approached One Hope Charity for help.

Few days after the fundraising was launched, the funds she needed have been successfully raised. Therefore, the fundraising for little Queena will stop immediately, and the little girl will undergo her cochlear implant surgery on December 29.

Little Queena’s mother was very grateful to all generous individuals. She said that she was very lucky, and she hoped that Queena can regain her hearing ability after the surgery, so that she can grow up healthily and learn like the other children.

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