The volunteer firefighter, Sim Chin Poh, was damaged his right hand's tendon during a mission. His mother required to borrow money to pay for medical expenses and seek help from One Hope Charity & Welfare. The fundraising of RM55,000.00 is now fully raised. Sim Chin Poh has also undergone an operation to repair the broken tendons and blood vessels. His condition is stable and expected to be discharged from the hospital on coming Monday.

Sim Chin Poh, 21, is an active member from Seberang Perai Tengah Juru Bomba Sukarela injured his hand by cracked glass during a mission at the night of 6th July 2021.

He was in a critical condition as his right hand may be handicapped if surgery is not performed. His mother borrowed money to allow him to go for surgery.

The operation was smooth, but Sim Chin Poh still needs a period of rest and physical therapy before the right hand can return to normal.

After receiving this case, One Hope Charity & Welfare decided to help Sim Chin Poh in medical expenses, physiotherapy expenses for up to six months, and future follow-up consultation expenses, with total RM55,000.

Chew Seng Kok (Chairman) of Seberang Perai Tengah Juru Bomba Sukarela grateful to the One Hope Charity & Welfare. It is because we help Sim Chin Poh in time, so that he and his family would have no worries and undergo surgery in the hospital.

We, One Hope Charity & Welfare, also thank for all generous people who donate for this volunteer firefighter on this critical issue.

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