A lonely old man's mobility was affected after an accident and he stayed in an old folks home under the arrangements of One Hope Charity 6 years ago. He passed away few days ago and One Hope Charity had provided funeral & burial assistance.

74 years old Luo Soon Aun who is from Bukit Mertajam works in a metal factory before the accident. He met with an accident 10 years ago and caused his left leg to be paralysed. He require to use wheel chair for a long term.

He does not have any relatives and 6 years ago, he came forward to seek help from One Hope Charity for shelter arrangements.

He spent his 6 years in old folks home and had passed away on 18th July. One Hope Charity will arrange for his funeral and burial according to his request and will contribute coffin, cremation fee, columbarium and the funeral process.

【Thankful for the donations from the generous public】

One Hope Charity would like to extend our appreciation to the generous public who donated and allowing us to help the deceased in dealing with their funeral & burial and at the same time, reducing the burden of their families.

In July (Till date 20th July), we had assisted 11 cases of funeral & burial assistance.

If there is anyone you know that requires help or any lonely old folks that you know, please contact our hotline at 0164192192, 0192322192 or 04-5399212 for application.